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27th June being the birthday of our dearest LoRD, we wait all the year round to celebrate the most auspicious occasion of any calendar year. Though most of us have never seen HIM live, we are lucky to have come close to those living legends who brought us as closest to HIM as they could. They are the LIVING LEGENDS who passed a large slice of their lives with Him, sharing his dreams and musical thoughts and also giving shape to HIS vision with their own ways. They are the essential shoulders who had lent their support to Panchamda in all his thick and thin. Each of them is an original Pancham and each of them was indisputable JEWEL of HIS court. And hence our next show on 27th June 2019 is titled “Jewels Of Pancham” to be held at Kala Mandir from 6pm onwards.

Our birthday celebration of Panchamda is going to feature five of those immortal legends. While Ranjit Gazmer or our beloved Kancha Bhai passed more than two decades with his Madal, Louis Banks,known to be the Godfather of Indian jazz, lent a new dimension to His music with piano and keyboards and played for him more than an era. Kutunda aka Indranath Mukherjee , the tabla genius, was one of the closest to Panchamda till his end & in HIS last phase, Avijit Da shared some of his precious time in Panchamda's team.

Alongwith these four musicians who had graced our shows before, two more Original Panchams will be coming for the first time in our events. Chintu Singh,a guitarist extraordinaire would come for the first time in a Euphony show while Rashid Khan, the legendary Bulbul Tarang player, would come for the first time in any Pancham show in Kolkata.

With them, the Pancham court will be complete by our very own Rahulda whose sitar simply sings. All these legendary musicians will be supported by our Core Calcutta Musicians who are Rockstars by themselves.

For all the music loving people and Pancham devotees, all roads are leading to Kalamandir on 27th June evening. For more details please check this space out or call us @ 9836927479