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27th June 2017 was the last time we assembled in Kalamandir and then there started the wait for another year. The prolonged wait is ending in the best possible way. The birthday celebration of our loRD brings us back to one fold once more and this time it's bigger and it's vaster. The taste of patience is always sweet and if it's for Pancham music it is even sweeter.

Years after, 5 original teammates of Panchamda are coming with their full repertoire of music. There will be the eternally popular Sodha brothers, men who never failed to entertain us and the city is never tired of listening to them again and again. So the versatile genius Kishore ji's trumpet and evergreen Raj ji's saxophone could be the best possible duet post a Kishore Kumar-Asha Bhosle era.

The stage seems to be incomplete without the presence of one big man. He sits partially covered with an array of percussion instruments. But be it a little Resso or a Triangle to a lifesize Thumba or Conga, be it a traditional Tabla to a more westernised Bongo, he plays everything with equal flamboyance. Nitinji will be in his elements, that evening, for sure.

Euphony feels immensely delighted to bring one vintage Pancham long days after. The man needs no introduction but deserves utmost reverence for his vast contribution to Pancham music. He is our dearest Ranjit Gazmer fondly known as Kancha Bhai, the solitary madal player, who will come to share & showcase his immense experience working with the great R.D.Burman.

Euphony will be bringing Sanjeev Rao, son of the great violin player Mr Surendra Rao who played in Panchamda's team from his very early days. Sanjeev Ji himself played violin in the last few years of Panchamda's career and he will be playing for the first time in Calcutta. Anecdotes of their association with Panchamda were never shared before in any Pancham show anywhere in India and there are many such which will enthrall the audience for sure.

Finally there will be another first timer in any Calcutta show and to say the least, he is a recent sensation on the instrument Harmonium. The man who proudly owns the harmonium of Panchamda himself gifted to him by Ashaji herself, will show his inimitable wizardry with his instrument. Sachin Jambekar, the musician for whom perhaps the entire city is waiting to listen to will be one of the chief draws of our show.

We always remember with fondness the active participation of our city's very best of musicians who have always reserved their best for a Euphony show.

So let's celebrate our LoRd's birthday the way we know the best. Let all roads lead to Kalamandir on 27th June evening.

Being a staunch believer and advocate of original sound, Euphony always tries to come up with something that a true music lover will look forward to. When the production of audio CDs has hit the all time low and when music shops are pulling down their shutters because of the digital storm, Euphony still hangs on to these devices because the quality that a music cd gives can never be replicated by any other cheaper device. Most importantly we believe though the means have shrunk, there is never a dearth in the number of true music lovers.

For them Euphony is bringing out two audio releases with the tunes of Pancham da played live in our shows by the original musicians of that great man. As we have witnessed on stage their music recreated the original magic of those immortal tunes time and again. While one album comprises sizzling brass based numbers, the other contains softer tunes played on Sitar, Santoor and Saxophone.

The ACD is priced rs 249 each but as a combo offer , together we will be offering at a Special Price of Rs.399/-. Intersted souls please get in touch @ 9831192466 / 9836927479 or mail us at bookdvd.euphony@gmail.com