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Flooded with requests and suggestions from all corners to break the stereotype of instrumental shows, Euphony is conceiving a new show entitled Different Strokes on coming 28th April at Kalamandir. Different Strokes not only showcases the wisest variety of Pancham mastery in his career but also presenting Pancham in a thoroughly different structure. Acknowledging with thankfulness the massive response of Pancham devotees in all our shows, we can't deny the fact that often in instrumental shows, the subtle nuances of Pancham music gets concealed under the melange of sound.
Our forthcoming show attempts to explore those subtle niceties of Pancham, the delicate touches that made our LoRD a class apart. And that is why this show is going to be somewhat different from the rest.

For this show we have hand-picked four of his jewels, four Original Pancham musicians, whom we are going to present in absolutely different ways. One and only Franco Vaz, the drummer extraordinary of Pancham da's team, has been gracing in our shows for long. Not very often we got chances to learn from him the subtleties and the varied use of drums over the years in Pancham songs. In this show there will be exclusive section on Franco Vaz's mastery of drums and how he had played those over the years when he was an inseparable part of His team.

In the later half of HIS career Abhijit Majumdar, one of the best violinists of the country came in his team. He came in our show only once and since then there has been requests from many to bring him back. Avijit da will demonstrate how in many of his songs the melody rests on this instrument. Moreover There will be a special section on Sitar-Violin-Tabla trio where Avijit da will join hands with our very own Rahul Chaterjee. And in our city Rahul da requires no introduction. We do believe Rahul da reserves his best for a Euphony show.

Then there will be the evergreen Kishore Sodha in a different mood and avatar. Apart from a solo trumpet show where Kishore ji will be at his sublime best, there will be a special section of drums-trumpet duo. Not that every other day you can see Kishore ji and Franco ji partnering together to recreate that essence of Pancham creation when the Man himself used to conceive a song.

And lastly for the first time Calcutta is going to witness a LIVING LEGEND. This highly revered musician was part of Dada Burman's team and with Pancham da, he gave shape to Pancham imagination in innumerable compositions with DHOLAK. We are extremely grateful that Uday Kumar Dubey Sir, one of the most veteran musicians of Hindi Film Industry, has agreed to come over and share rare anecdotes of those days and also demonstrate the use of Dholak in His compositions.

So together with our ever favorite familiar group of Calcutta musicians these original Pancham musicians are going to present something you haven't heard for long,for sure.

In a word, Different Strokes is going to be a presentation of Pancham in myriads of his hues. So, see you all in our pilgrimage, Kalamandir on 28th of April.

PRICE: 300.00 + Courier Charges

Ask for Your Copy at bookdvd.euphony@gmail.com

We feel elated to give you a piece of great news for all the music lovers. Euphony is going to bring out a long awaited show DVD coming week. In the summer of 2015, to be more precise on the 17th of April,there was a one of a kind show in Kalamandir. It stood out among the rest for reasons more than one.

They were--
1. A stunning one-man orchestra of Panchamda's long time accomplice Viju Katkar. Audience went berserk to see Viju Bhai standing behind a number of musical instruments and displaying his mastery of playing all of them together in one single song.
2. Viju Bhai's father, the legendary Amrut Rao Katkar's reminiscences of his prolonged association with Panchamda and a nostalgic demonstration of how the small percussion instrument, Resso Resso, was made famous by this man.
3. And there was someone named Kishore Sodha. He had been with us for last 10 years but that was the evening of a life time. He played the way he never had played before or after. For the entire second half there was only Kishore Sodha with a handful of Calcutta musicians and that evening Kishore ji displayed the widest range of trumpet playing.
4. Last but not the least, it was the last show till date where Ankush Chinchankar hosted a Euphony show. We are planning to have him again very soon but that was the last time we were enlightened with his thoughts on Pancham.

The DVD of that show, RHYTHM AND BLUES, is sure to offer you a chance to ruminate the never fading memories.
So......................grab it as soon as it hits the stands next week.For immediate booking please call us at 9831192466 / 9836927479 or mail us at bookdvd.euphony@gmail.com. Its a collector's item and for all Panchamda fans and we will be having only limited copies.

The Program was staged on 27.09.2013 on Puja Songs of Pancham. In Vocals Saptak & Ujjaini both were there with Kishore Sodha, Rahul Chatterjee, Ramesh Iyer and Violin brothers.

Price is Rs. 300.00 for All including Members

Member's Discount is applicable from the Next Show only.

Limited Quantity. Price : Rs. 200.00

for Booking write at bookdvd.euphony@gmail.com