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Every new year opens with a look at the date that comes mid of the year. Our dreams and desires start at the very onset of every calendar year. We silently start counting the days for the most important day to arrive. And for us the most important date of any calendar year is 27th June when we, Panchamda devotees meet with supreme enthusiasm to celebrate the birthday of that man who has filled our life with some of the best musical moments. 27 th June marks that auspicious occasion for us for which we keep waiting all the year through.

Only a fellow Panchamda bhakt can understand the sentiments that the day carries in our heart.
For the last 8 years we have been religiously following this day bringing all Panchamda lovers under one big umbrella. Despite all odds, we have been doing shows with original Panchamda musicians and associates,everytime trying to dig in something new,more surprising about the great R.D.Burman. For us, all days of the year are Pancham days, yet his birth anniversary always has a special significance. Like earlier years we are again all set to remember that great man on a musical soiree that features men of his original team, people who were part of his musical journey. This time along with them, we will bring a few leading vocalists from our city as well which will give that much variation thats required. The show YEH DOSTI will be a combination of instrumental gems and some of the choicest songs on vocals. Panchamda's 78th birthday celebration will be a happy occasion of music, songs and lots of happy anecdotes of the maestro's life.
Euphony seeks your earnest co operation to make this humble effort a successful one.

Known as the trumpet king of India, Kishore Sodha has been a part of R.D.Burman's original music team for long. Because of sheer perseverance and utmost dedication to music, he has reached to the pinnacle of his success. He has always been one of the most popular musicians of the present day and as someone rightly says ," his trumpet speaks".
Shyamraj is one of the most veteran musicians of the country. One of the finest saxophonist of all time, this man also has loads of experience of working with Pancham da. With age, this man has become more flamboyant and stylish and surely one of the best showmen of any music concert.
Unlike Kishore Sodha and Shyamraj, Suraj Sathe is a quiet worker. One of the handful of classy accordian players of all time, Suraj Sathe was Pancham da's one of the most trusted and beloved musicians. On stage he is a show stopper not only with his music but also with a uniquely quiet and gentle nature.

Well Euphony is famed for doing instrumental shows and there in lies the USP of most of our shows. Euphony has always brought people who stayed at the back at their heydays when they were part of Pancham team. But while doing we have come across situations where we felt that a vocal could have brought variety and lent a different dimension to the shows. This time along with these legendary musicians, we will have Saptak Bhattacharya, the pride of Calcutta,who will be crooning these timeless compositions on stage supported by eminent Female Vocalists as well. Within such a short span of his musical career, Saptak has developed a wide repertoire of songs. He is surely one of the best, if not the best, of our city where retro music is concerned. It will be a huge pleasure to have Saptak with us that evening.

So,come and enjoy and be a part of the celebration on the 27th of June at Kala Mandir,Calcutta.

— withKishore Sodha and Saptak Bhattacharjee.

PRICE: 300.00 + Courier Charges

Ask for Your Copy at bookdvd.euphony@gmail.com

We feel elated to give you a piece of great news for all the music lovers. Euphony is going to bring out a long awaited show DVD coming week. In the summer of 2015, to be more precise on the 17th of April,there was a one of a kind show in Kalamandir. It stood out among the rest for reasons more than one.

They were--
1. A stunning one-man orchestra of Panchamda's long time accomplice Viju Katkar. Audience went berserk to see Viju Bhai standing behind a number of musical instruments and displaying his mastery of playing all of them together in one single song.
2. Viju Bhai's father, the legendary Amrut Rao Katkar's reminiscences of his prolonged association with Panchamda and a nostalgic demonstration of how the small percussion instrument, Resso Resso, was made famous by this man.
3. And there was someone named Kishore Sodha. He had been with us for last 10 years but that was the evening of a life time. He played the way he never had played before or after. For the entire second half there was only Kishore Sodha with a handful of Calcutta musicians and that evening Kishore ji displayed the widest range of trumpet playing.
4. Last but not the least, it was the last show till date where Ankush Chinchankar hosted a Euphony show. We are planning to have him again very soon but that was the last time we were enlightened with his thoughts on Pancham.

The DVD of that show, RHYTHM AND BLUES, is sure to offer you a chance to ruminate the never fading memories.
So......................grab it as soon as it hits the stands next week.For immediate booking please call us at 9831192466 / 9836927479 or mail us at bookdvd.euphony@gmail.com. Its a collector's item and for all Panchamda fans and we will be having only limited copies.

The Program was staged on 27.09.2013 on Puja Songs of Pancham. In Vocals Saptak & Ujjaini both were there with Kishore Sodha, Rahul Chatterjee, Ramesh Iyer and Violin brothers.

Price is Rs. 300.00 for All including Members

Member's Discount is applicable from the Next Show only.

Limited Quantity. Price : Rs. 200.00

for Booking write at bookdvd.euphony@gmail.com