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Euphony's 2019 Table Calendar is now available. People who are interested can get in touch at 9831192466 / 9836927479 and get the same hand picked.

For outstation Booking please mail us at bookdvd.euphony@gmail.com OR pancham.euphony@gmail.com and upon payment the same will be couriered immediately. Price is 200/- per calendar.

Euphony brought to you a pathbreaking show this year on Panchamda's birthday. We had the eternally popular Sodha brothers. We got Nitin Shankar, the percussionist par excellence and the harmonium sensation Sachin Jambhekar who came for the first time in Calcutta to steal away the hearts of the city. There was another first timer, Sanjeev Rao who left a huge mark with his cameo appearance. At the top of all we got among us the legendary Rajit Gazmer, the one and only Kancha Bhai who came after quite a few years in our show. It was no surprise that the show was a stand out one and was regarded by many to be one of the ever bests.

Here is a chance to relive that evening. A chance for those unlucky few who couldn't make it that evening.
Get hold of the copy of the DVD of that evening for which you must be waiting with bated breath.