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About Us

Welcome to the home of the Musical legends. As passionate Music lovers, especially those that have been composed by the one and only Rahul Dev Burman (aka Pancham), we started this group with a mission: a mission to keep Panchamda alive in the hearts of all music lovers. For the innumerable fans of Pancham-da, HIS music is as important as water in our day to day life. As a matter of fact, the same applies to even those, who do not claim to be his fans.

We met on the World Wide Web and immediately came together to become an integral part within ourselves. We have come together because of a common passion - Music. Till date, we have organised two memorable musical shows with very different dimensions, to highlight Pancham-da's magical work. All our shows had been funded from our own pockets with minimum help from a handful of advertisers.

At EUPHONY, our primary aim is to uplift the magical acoustic effect of our beloved Pancham-da's music. Our philosophy is to do whatever we can in order to preserve our musical roots; Tell people about Rahul Dev Burman the composer, the singer and of course, the person; his life, his passion, his professionalism, his inspiration/s, his creativity, his ingenuity, his love for music, his experimentations and above all, his humbleness, through various organised events in India and abroad in a manner that advances HIS public presence and maintains Pancham-da's integrity as one of the most popular and versatile composers ever to set foot on this planet. In short, our motto is to keep his legacy alive.

We invite all Pancham’da fans from all over the globe to join us in our sincere endeavour to keep Pancham-da's legacy alive for many more generations to come. Considering the happiness that Pancham-da’s music has given us, this is the least we can (and must) do....rather, I'd say it's our duty to do so.

By HIS grace, we have already succeeded in creating a powerful alliance with people who have been closest to Pancham’da on a professional as well as personal level. Without their cooperation and support this endeavour would not be a success.

The bottomline – Pancham-da’s compositions justifie every bit of what the famous Greek philosopher Plato had once said - -

MUSIC is a Moral Law

It gives Soul to the Universe, Wings to the Mind

Flight to our Imagination, Charm to Sadness

and Life to Everything

We therefore beckon you to join us in our sincere endeavour to preserve our roots.



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